Rasp, Crackle and Pop

Rasp – my throat is still playing up! Much coughing and wheezing, although I do feel better than I have done recently. I managed to get up in time for church this morning, although I chickened out of serving in case I started epistaxising all over the place.

Crackle – I found out why the power socket in the boot of the new car wasn’t working, and replaced the fuse. A small victory, but it takes me much closer to having the ham radio kit installed, and also the wiring for the talking satnav.

Pop – Mum and I went out for lunch today, celebrating the fact that last week was Mothering Sunday. In spite of being full already, we both made space for a pudding. Groan!

After coming home I dug out the new pressure washer and tried it on the concrete garden path. Brilliant! Mind you, I ended up soaking wet. Oh, and I forgot to tell you yesterday – at long last, after waiting for seven months, I have an appointment for my hospital test, which will determine the most appropriate treatment for my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Of course, the test date clashes with my first aid refresher course, but these things happen.

And finally, but definitely not least…prayer and positive thoughts to Mark, who starts his chemotherapy tomorrow morning.

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