Money Money Money

Today has mostly been about money.

I started the day at the building society, paying in my redundancy cheque. For that much money, I rather expected a bottle of champagne from the manager – or at least to be offered my pick of the counter laydeez. Sadly, they’ve seen it all before and they’ve probably seen bigger redundo cheques than mine – although I did get a “Is there anything else we can do for you today?”. If I’d read the leaflet a bit more carefully before I got home, I’d have said “Yeah, sort your interest rates out you tightwads”.


Anyway, next on the agenda was taking my Luvvly Mum to lunch at our favourite eatery, and then to Marks and Sparks.

I have a very nice suit – it fits really well. Unfortunately it now fits someone four stone heavier than me, so with interviews – and possibly a job in an office – in the future, it was time to splash some cash. I found a nice one, and got a free suit carrier with it, so that was OK – the only trouble is that having stupid short legs, I’m having to have the trousers altered – so until a week Tuesday, I’ve really only got half a suit :-(

Hope I don’t get an interview before then, I’ll look silly turning up in a posh jacket and no trousers.

Oh, and Jenny at least will laugh at this – the alterations lady was about to measure my leg, when she spotted my lovely comfy suede shoes and asked “Would the gentleman like to borrow some – sniff – PROPER shoes for the fitting?”.


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