I’ve got a new printer!

The old one – which I’ve had for about five years, and was only a Lexmark in the first place – expired a while ago. I’ve been abusing the facilities of the colour laser at work, but from tomorrow that’s a no-no, so I decided to spend some money. I asked my technical adviser for some recommendations, and research on eBuyer led me to the HP 6940. It plugs straight into the network, making it easy to use from whichever computer I’m at at the time, and I can plug my camera directly into it, to print photos without turning a computer on.

The old computer didn’t have a network name, because it wasn’t attached directly to the network, but this one does: Continuing the tradition of naming network-attached devices after cats, I’ve called it “Smudge”. For some reason “Smudge the Printer” appealed to my sense of humour :-D

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