I had two rather odd e-mails last night.

They both came from 34sp, the hosting company where Gottleblog and Jenny’s blog both live. I’ve since discovered that several other people with 34sp sites had them too. Apparently they’ve been hacked big style, although by the time they sent out the e-mails 34sp had corrected the problem – but they recommended we all changed our passwords.

Of course I immediately changed them both to something rather more secure, but if the problem is a wide-ranging 34sp one, I’m not sure what the point is, unless the miscreants got in and were able to read the password file so they could come back – but if 34sp’s storage of passwords is that insecure, we’re all in trouble: As Stu has said before, passwords can be kept in a database in a totally unreadable format, and I can’t believe that 34sp aren’t using that format.

Still, I guess as long as the loopholes are now plugged, it’s all OK :-)

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