Happy Talk

The day started well…Postman Prat brought an invitation to my Godson’s birthday party. It’s a couple of weeks away yet, but something nice to look forward to, all the same.

Then I went to the barber. In spite of my all-too-apparent youth, he’s been giving me an OAP discount for a couple of years, on account of how little he has to do: Normally this would mark him down for a couple of months in hospital, but at four quid he’s a lot cheaper than any of his nearest rivals so, up to now, I’ve let him live. Also, he doesn’t make any sarky remarks about sticking it back on.

Almost as soon as I got home, I had a phone call inviting me to go and visit some friends I haven’t seen for a couple of months, and when I came home I put in a couple of hours on PuzzleDonkey, where thanks to the help of my good chum Mort (Grand Duchess of Sweden, Most Ferocious Pirate in Shropshire, and Honorary Total Bloke), I defeated the evil puzzle 1.07, and progressed as far as 1.13 before retiring for the day. Yarrrrr Morty!

Then I washed the Gruntmobile, and put my feet up for the evening.

Oh Ostrich, forgot to mend the washing line: That’ll have to wait for the morning now. Goodnight all.

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