The Final Countdown

Not on this occasion the fabby song by Europe, but rather this, from the whiteboard that sits behind my desk. As you can see, I’m halfway down the count between formal notice and last day.

This morning was as loony as yesterday, with finishing off the award applications, a big meeting, and various other things: Luckily the afternoon was a bit calmer – one the award application had gone to the courier, I even had time to ring Sarah about tomorrow, ring the garage to book Grunty in for her MOT, and research some addresses of companies who are going to get unsolicited CVs.

I didn’t get time to ring Vodafone about my mobile: I’ve had it for three years, following on from this phone-losing episode, so I must be due a free upgrade by now. I’ve been putting it off, while I was trying to find out the company’s policy on personal use of mobile phones, but that’s a bit academic now, so I’m after an upgrade to a phone with bluetooth. I’d like one that I can connect to the lappytoppy to use as a modem, but bluetoothness is the priority.

Meanwhile, the clearing out of my personal property from cupboards and desk drawers continues apace. I have absolutely no idea where I’m going to store this lot when I get it home.

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