Lawdy Lawdy

In a comment on my post of yesterday, Lord Hutton of Tawkee said
“Amazing how much you accumulate at the office. I have a whole cabinet full of stuff. Also on the computer”

I’ve been trying not to think about the computer: I have not one, but two directories of personal stuff on the network – or the net-doesn’t-work as we call it1. I’m e-mailing it to myself at home, a few bits at a time, and once it’s all across I’ll burn it to a CD. Most of it probably isn’t worth keeping, but you can bet there’s something there somewhere that I’ll need, if I haven’t got it.

A bit less easy is all the stuff on the standalone computer that sits next to the network terminal. Not only does that machine only have a floppy drive for taking stuff away, but most of what I’ve got on there is in a format that won’t work with any of the software I’ve got, e.g. Visio. Anyone remember Visio? It’s a bit of graphics software that never did anything very well, but at the time the company gave it to me, it was the cheapest flowchart-creation software.

And speaking of computers, we had an e-mail round today from the head of the IT help desk2 – apparently the network is going to be down for an hour tomorrow morning. Thing is, this guy’s in the TA – we had this image of him sending an e-mail to the enemy: “Just to let you know our guns will be out of action for an hour tomorrow and we’ll be unable to shell you: We apologise for the break in service and hope you won’t be too inconvenienced”

1 I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen that when I go for a job interview, and they ask if I’ve got any questions, I’m going to say “Never mind the salary or the holidays – does your computer network work?”. And if it does, I’ll say “Wow, it’s already better than my last job!”
2 Or as we call them, the no-bloody-help desk

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