Team Work

I feel I have the same problem that Simon did yesterday: Nothing much to blog about. It was just another Monday, Ostrich Monday at work: At Hospital Radio we had a giant chinese takeaway eating session, but that’s only really exciting for those of us who were part of it, I can’t really expect all of you to be climbing the walls in delight.

We were hoping that our mate Treez was going to be along this evening with New Baby Josh, but she phoned up and said a man was coming round to mend her computer. I even had my camera with me so I could have posted a picture of Josh for you all – well, the females anyway – to gurgle over.

Oh yes, one exciting thing happened today: I made a suggestion to Simon for the fillum script wot he’s writing, and he promised to consider it! That’s only one step away from me being a collaborationist on an Oscar-winning script! OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I got hold of the latest version of the script and had a little read, and it is very funny. I suspect most of my friends and family are going to be getting DVDs for Christmas. Even my Mum, who hasn’t got a DVD player*.

Of course, that all depends on Simon’s props department finding a Colobus Monkey with a liberal attitude** towards Duck-Billed Platypi.

*Don’t even think it. She’s only just mastered Betamax.

** Where “liberal attitude??? = “acts a bit tarty???

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