Counting Chickens

In spite of the title, I don’t want to count chickens – but the signs look good for The Return of Grunty Gruntmobile. I hope so, because the hire car went back today, and I have an appointment with a chinese takeaway in Fawley tomorrow…oh, and with Sarah and the kids as well ;-) . Apparently they’ve put two new batteries in – that’s not a mistake, it’s what Grunty has – flushed through the fuel lines, and done a major service. So, I have to be at the garage at half eight in the morning to pick it up – which means I get to sleep late!

Other than that, the only thing to report is that we had a meal out from work yesterday: Sean, our boss, has left, so a crowd of us took him to a Harvester to give him a proper send-off – and yes, I had the salad!

OK, I didn’t only have the salad, but at least I tried :-)

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