Another Update

I promised you a Gruntmobile update, didn’t I?

Well, Damon-from-the-garage came to collect it on Friday, bringing his jump-start outfit with him: sadly it wasn’t enough and Grunty still didn’t want to start :-( . To make things worse, the garage doesn’t have a recovery truck – apparently most don’t these days – and while I’m an RAC member, I don’t have Homestart.

Maximum respect to the RAC, though – when I rang to plead for a Homestart upgrade, and a collection the same day, they decided in light of my long membership, and how little I’ve used them, they’d give me a complimentary free home recovery. Which was nice. So Grunty got to the garage and, as you already know, I got the train to London.

Damon and his merry mechanical acolytes decided that a new battery was needed, and a few other bits to make sure it wouldn’t go wrong again. So Grunty had to stay in hospital until Tuesday (i.e. probably today as you read this), and I arranged a hire car to see me through – on which subject, even bigger respect to Kouros for the lift back from London, enabling me to get back before the hire place closed :-) . And to Claire – you were right about Peugeot clutches, although the main issue has been that the engine is so quiet I keep forgetting to change gear. Which can’t be good.

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