Busy as a Busy Thing

It’s been a bit of a busy weekend.

After work on Friday, I trained up to Old London Town, then crossed town on t’underground to St Paul’s Youth Hostel – coincidentally very close to St Paul’s Cathedral – I only discovered exactly how close when I was trying to get to sleep later on – about the same time that I discovered that the bells of St Pauls chime every fifteen minutes :-(

The whole point of the thing was to meet some other geocachers in a pub: On the way, I visited TechnOLOGY, a virtual cache on the wall of a building I used to visit every two months for committee meetings! I wasn’t a cacher back in those days…then there was Sherlock 2 and A Meating Place for Martyrs, two virtual caches so close together that one of them wouldn’t be allowed these days, when caches have to be 0.1 miles apart.

At long last it was time to head for the pub, and Pharisee’s Stuff Tradition meet. I saw loads of old chums, including Mallers, Pharisee and his lady and Hi-Tek, and some new friends like Belplasca, Messe and Firth of Forth. After some beers and a fabby pub meal, it was back to the Youth Hostel to lay in bed and listen to the church bells and my dormitory mates snoring. I may have even slept at one point.

Saturday’s main event has been blogged about aplenty elsewhere, so I’ll just mention the three caches I found on the way: Last Delivery, an interesting cache hidden in a tiny park, followed by 16th Century Pub (probably the best-hidden virtual cache I’ve ever seen), and St Etheldreda’s.

This morning I had to be up really early, to go and be an Important Person at the Heartbreak Half Marathon, an off-road foot race around part of the New Forest. At least it stayed dry, although it was pretty darned cold, and we did our part pretty well. After the event was over, I had a bit of a quandary: Where I was located was really close to two caches I haven’t done yet – and at Winchester was a cache meet. I reasoned that the two caches would still be there another day, whereas The Fifth Winchester Cache Bash was only today – so I went to that.

I’m very tired, and this entry’s gone on long enough, fnaar fnaar – Gruntmobile update tomorrow.

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