Brrm Brrm etc

So, Damon-the-Garage-Man came to collect Grunty yesterday.

He knew he was coming to collect it – rather than me taking it in – because it had been hard / impossible to start. He knew that it was almost certainly a battery failure. When he arrived to take it away – and it wouldn’t start because the battery had failed – he couldn’t do anything because he hadn’t brought his jump-starting kit with him. He’s supposed to have come today – with his jump start kit – for another try, but since I’m writing this last night to save time today, you’ll have to wait to see what happens/happened.

In the meantime – and not entirely connected – I’ve been looking at new cars. When I bought Grunty, I’d always wanted a mighty go-away 4×4, and it was always my plan to keep her for a couple of years to get the whole thing out of my system, then go back to a sensible car. The saving-up-for-a-new-car fund is looking healthier than I expected and I’ve had Grunty for three years now, so I’m looking around – although, assuming sorting the car out goes OK today, I’m intending to have one more Summer with the Gruntmobile and change around September-ish.

The factors I have to consider are –

  • Must be able to tow the caravan. Not much trouble, my caravan is tiny and almost anything will tow it, but I’d like a bit of reserve capacity: I’ll be lucky if I get another caravan this light, if this one fails and I need to replace it.
  • Must fit the budget. Obviously.
  • Must cruise reasonable distances – e.g. Southampton – Nottingham – with reasonable comfort and economy.
  • Must fit on the driveway – not as daft as it sounds, there’s a lot of cars I’d like that fail this one

Amazingly, if I choose carefully it looks as if there are a couple of cars that fit these parameters that I could get a brand new one within budget. Leading the pack at the moment are the Peugeot 206 and the Peugeot 207. Anyone got any comments?

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