Yesterday was a bit frustrating.

I told Sarah a couple of weeks ago, that I wouldn’t be round yesterday for our usual chinese takeaway / silly games / “talk of this ‘n that” evening – not because I was struck with voodoo-like psychic ability to predict car-nonstartingness, but because I had to go to Wiltshire to be a Very Important Person at a Very Important Meeting. Then yesterday morning – because of car-nonstartingness – I had to contact my excellent deputy, Brian, and ask him to drag himself from his sick bed and represent me at the meeting, because I didn’t fancy walking to Wiltshire and back.

“Ooh”, I thought, “I wonder if Sarah’s still free? I could go round after all.” Then I realised I didn’t have a car to get me there, and while I could have gone by bus, I’d have arrived at about 9 o’clock and had to leave about ten past. So that didn’t seem like a very good use of my time. I resolved instead to spend the evening at my workbench, doing a bit more on the previously-referenced little project that I’m doing for Sarah.

Before starting on that, I thought I’d just try starting the Gruntmobile, to see what happened. Would you Adam and Eve it? The darned thing went. I took it for a run to at least get it warmed up, but decided not to actually go anywhere, just in case I got somewhere and it wouldn’t start when I wanted to go home.

Which was a good choice, because when Damon-the-Garage-Man arrived to take it away this morning, it wouldn’t start :-(

This morning’s students-on-the-train revision subject was Chemistry. I didn’t know any of the answers.

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