Interesting Times

I was going to blog again about nothing exciting happening today…but then I noticed that I’ve been chosen as the winner of the latest SimonG caption competition (see SimonG’s site)! With this victory behind me, can a lottery jackpot be far away?

Other than that, not much happened (not that I can blog about, anyway), but I did, for the first time in ages, go to the gym this evening, not because I felt the need for exercise, but because it was raining so I didn’t feel like going geocaching or trigpointing after work. As nothing much happened even then, I thought you may like to hear a tale of what happened there a year or so ago.

I’d done my workout, and was in the changing room shaving, in front of the washbasin mirror. Now at the risk of upsetting those of you of a delicate sensibility, I was shaving en route from my locker to the shower, so I wasn’t perhaps wearing as much as I might have been. Let’s put it this way…if the Dressing Up Game this Friday chooses the theme “Paul G0TLG in his Tuesday Night Blog Story”, it’ll be a fairly simple costume, but it might get Simon’s site closed down. Anyway, there I stand, face covered in shaving cream when one of our more excitable members rushes in from the steam room / sauna area:
“Quick, does anyone know first aid? Someone’s had a heart attack in the steam room”
Now the major thing that’s drilled into you, in first aid training, is that in a heart attack situation, literally every second counts, so for our hero there’s a difficult decision to be made here.

And that, yeronner, is why I was in the mixed steam room area wearing only what was possibly the smallest shower towel in the world, with my face masked in shaving cream.

Oh, and Norman hadn’t had a heart attack at all…he’d fallen asleep.

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