Whinge Over!

You’ll be pleased to know that about ten minutes after I’d posted yesterday’s black doggy blog, I started to feel much more cheerful.

Y’see, when I left work at 5 o’clock, it was still almost light, and you KNOW what that means: it means it won’t be long before Friday-after-work caching is a goer again :-) As if that wasn’t good enough, it’s a decent forecast for the weekend, and on Sunday I’m working on an event in close proximity to five caches I haven’t done yet. :-D On such tiny things does the difference between joy and misery sometimes depend.

Of course, the bits of life that were rubbish still are – but as an author I like once commented, “Too many people treat this joke like a job”. You only get out of life what you put into it: any idiot can be miserable – if cheerful is possible with some effort, the effort is usually worth it.

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