Overseas Mail

A couple of days ago, ScottJ was kind enough to express an interest in my caravan, after I posted a picture of it in my blog. Admittedly his interest was mainly linguistic – since he resides in that great country across the pond he didn’t recognise the word “caravan??? – but he did comment on the fact that it’s a “pop-up???.

Since he was kind enough to be interested, here’s what it looks like when it’s folded ready for towing…

(The car in the picture is the Gruntmobile’s predecessor), and here’s a better picture of what it looks like popped up ready for living in:

As you can see it’s a bit little, but adequate for one. It’s ten feet long and a two-berth, and in the usual caravan arrangement the dining-table-and-two-bench-seats arrangement converts to a double bed for night time: When I’m away for any length of time I use the awning as a living room and leave the bed made up in the caravan all the time to save hassle. It also has a two-ring cooker with a grill and a small fridge, and a separate toilet compartment.

Ooh, and on the subject of ‘merikans, I’ve just remembered that some Americans were kind enough to post a comment in my blog asking for advice on places to visit in England: If they’re still reading, I promise I’ll reply soon.

Other than that, this morning I had a horribly early start to go to the Isle of Wight for a meeting at our distribution site there: Since there was a severe gale blowing in the channel at the time, the crossing was a bit rough!

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