Cheap Food and Working Gadgets

I forgot to mention that on Wednesday I took my Luvvly Mum for lunch at our favourite eatery. The food there is pretty good value anyway (two main courses for a tenner), made even better when the waitress who usually serves us gives us a discount we’re not technically entitled to. Well, my Mum’s sort-of entitled to it, being over 60, but she isn’t a member of the over-60s-good-eating-club that would actually entitle her to the discount. Still, we had two starters1, two main courses, two desserts and two drinks2, and it all came to just over 21 squids, which – as I was paying – I was quite happy about.

But on to what I really wanted to tell you today: Remember a while ago, I took the old laptop up to Jenny’s for her to use on the internet, only to have the wireless card die? When I got back home, I tested the card in a couple of other devices, and sure enough, it was totallement3 dead. I threw it on one side, intent on one day dismembering it, not in the hope of mending it – I’m rubbish with SMT – but just for fun. Anyway, dismemberment never happened, and nor did buying a new wireless card for the laptop, and on Wednesday evening – when even the thrill of reading the whole SimonG canon was waning – I though “I wonder…” and plugged the non-functioning wireless card into one of the gadgets I’d previously tested it in.

You’ve probably guessed that it worked perfectly.

So – as long as I can dream up a way to keep it working for a reasonable time – Jenny may well be internetting lappytoppytudinously in the near future :-)

1 And yes, I had the salad.
2 Two between us, obviously, not two each.
3 As my French chums would say4
4 If I had any French chums, that is

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