Christmas Passed

Back to work today :-(

Well OK, technically I could claim to have been back at work since ten pee emm on Christmas day, when I had to turn the work mobile back on and consider myself “on call”. But that would be cheating a bit, since I didn’t get called, and in any case, having to carry around a second mobile phone is nothing, compared to the fact that this morning the alarm clock went off, and I had to get up, at a horribly early time. The same thing is going to happen tomorrow – and it’s Hospital Radio night tonight, so I can’t even get an early night to prepare for the awfulness.

Still, I’ve completed one of the two jobs that I have to do before going to Nottingham for the New Year weekend, and all of tomorrow to do the other one. Except that my boss is going to be there tomorrow, so the chances of getting anything useful done are pretty remote.

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