Christmas Past(ime)

You’ll never believe what I’ve been doing a lot of, over the last few days?

I know you won’t believe it – I’ve been doing it and I don’t believe it, so why should you? I blame the fact that – at a time of year when I’ve got spare time to spend on the interweb – the authors of most of the blogs I regularly read, and all the people I normally talk to on MSN, have been otherwise engaged.

So I’ve been reading Simon G’s blog. Not just the front page, obviously – even I’m not that slow a reader – I went back to the beginning and started working my way forward. Of course I remember most of the stories from the first time round – although there were a few from before I joined the community – but I’ve enjoyed the reminders of the days when Simon was really rubbish. What started me on this odyssey was Simon’s own link back to a blog where he talked about his Mum’s cat, Muffin: I read that link, and the cat-related blogs either side, and just drifted…

He was geocaching long before me as well.

Back to work tomorrow, and I’m only up to March 8th 2004. Looks like I’d better get a move on.

(oh yes, and I’ve organised myself a favicon! Look in your address bar if you don’t know what one of them is)

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