Christmas Fairy

I spotted this during my afternoon’s caching. Just look at the name of this bit of kit – it’s on the arm of the jib. Go on, just look at it!

OK, I suppose that IS a bit small. Try this:

Deary me. It reminds me a bit of my mate Colin: Colin’s a paramedic, and always refers to the Fire Brigade as “The Water Fairies”. I don’t know if he says it to their faces, but he’s a big bloke and if I was a fireman, I wouldn’t argue with him ;-)

Anyway, I bet you want to know about those caches don’t you? After the excesses of the last couple of days I was starting to think that Fatso’s Box might have been named after me: it was also my nearest “not found” to home, so that was number one. Not far away – and my second nearest “not found” – was Grockles Gumbo South: The World’s Greatest: This is the second incarnation of GG South, I did the original ages ago, and this one was just as good.

Finally for today, A Common Cache was hidden in some nearby woods

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