TGI Friday

Today I went to work.

After work I was due to go to a Radio Club Treasure Hunt, starting in Lyndhurst, but with an hour or so to kill, I went and did a geocache first. Today’s was Ziegler Passage: There were lovely views but for some reason the digi camera was playing up*, and the only decent picture I took, I can’t post (because it would spoil the cache hunt for anyone reading this who hasn’t yet done it).

Anyway, then I went to Lyndhurst (via the cashpoint in Brockenhurst), and did the Treasure Hunt with my friend Sheila. After an hour and a half of tramping round the village, we came second! A nice meal in The Crown Hotel (who were hosting the prizegiving ceremony), a quick log of a trigpoint, and home.

*Because I’d been fiddling with the settings

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