Christmas Feast

The denizens of the Portacabin – that is to say me, Mike, Mick, the other Mike, Derek, Graham, Diane and Cheryl – had our Christmas lunch today. It was very nice, and featured sausage rolls, vols-aux-vents, cheese and crackers and mince pies :-) . Oh, and left-over Naan bread, of which more in a paragraph or two.

And on Tuesday we had the “proper” company Christmas buffet. That was also very nice, although majored rather more on sandwiches: I think the catering company have lost the recipe for sausage rolls. They’ve certainly lost the recipe for a decent cup of tea, but that’s another story :-( . Sadly I only got half of mine anyway – we had Captain Charisma from Head Office doing an unannounced visit (on free food day…there’s a coincidence), and as soon as he saw me eyeing up the gateaux he decided it was time we got back to the whinging and whining.

But the major feast of the season so far was last night – there’s no point pretending it was salad ‘cos Sarah watched me eat it ;-) . We’d decided that curry would make a nice change from the usual chinese, so we rang the takeaway, ordered what we wanted (mainly on Sarah’s recommendation, as it was a takeaway I’d never been to before), and fifteen minutes later toddled round to collect our grub. While we were waiting, Sarah mentioned to the guy behind the counter “Don’t worry about it now, but the last time I was in here you forgot my Naan bread”. He was very apologetic and promised to do something about it…

Our order finally appeared in two HUUUUGE carrier bags. “I’m sorry I forgot your Naan bread last time: I’ve given you some free Naan bread, some extra poppodums, some Bombay potato, some…”. To cut a long story short1, we all ate as much as we could, and there was enough left over for Sarah and George’s dinner tonight, and for me to supply Naan bread for the lunchtime buffet2.

And I’ve got enough spare mince pies to take some to Hospital Radio tonight, too.

1 Too late!
2 Although somehow there were still no leftover poppodums for Maggie the insane boxer dog. She wasn’t happy.

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