Christmas Holiday

OK, it isn’t really about Christmas holiday, but I had to keep the week’s title-theme going somehow ;-)

I booked my next-year’s summer holiday this morning. I’ll be doing the same as usual, working on the medical team at the New Wine Christian Conference for two weeks. I haven’t done my team application yet – the online form is pretty user-unfriendly, so I’ll wait until I’ve got a bit more patience than I have at the moment :-) . I’ve also got to send my first aid certificate, and I’m not sure how they want me to do that except by scanning and attaching the file, and in the absence of my desktop (hint hint to Technical Support Buddy), I can only do that by setting the scanner up on the lappy – something else I don’t currently have the patience for.

And in any case, my current certificate expires before next year’s event anyway, so all I can do is send them a copy of that with an assurance that I’ll renew it in time – which in turn depends on HR booking me on the course *makes note to start nagging HR*. The good thing is, there’s now a much better choice of venues for the course, one of which is only about ten minutes walk from my house :-)

And just to keep us on-message: Two days to the start of the Chrimbo holiday – and assuming I don’t get called in to work, I’ve got five days off, if you include the weekend! Then only back for two days, and another four days off, which’ll include meeting a load of geocaching chums in a pub, and going to Nottingham to play with kittens – hurrah!

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