Christmas Wrapping

I’m going to have to buy some Christmas wrapping paper soon.

By “soon”, I don’t mean before the end of the week or anything – but certainly in a year or two I’m going to have to put my hand in my pocket. Lest you think I’m the kind of tightwad who wraps Christmas presents in old newspaper, let me explain…

I used to take part in an annual quiz every year, a couple of weeks before Christmas. The organiser worked for a company which supplied Christmas wrapping paper, among other things, and arranged for his employers to sponsor the prizes for the quiz. As well as a generous amount of traditional-style Christmas quiz prizes – puddings, mince pies, Chrimbo cake and alcoholic sustenance – there was always enough of the company’s principal product for every participant to take home a couple of rolls. Several years of competition – each year coming home with at least twice as much paper as I needed – meant that Gottlegog Towers built up several years worth of stock.

The quiz wasn’t held last year, and this year I forgot to go :-( . Combined with some less honourable paper-mountain-control techniques (like wrapping birthday, wedding, engagement and baptism presents in Christmas paper), I’m now down to two rolls

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