My Glass is Half Empty

I can’t believe the weekend is half over already…

I was woken at an ungodly hour this morning (9 AM) by the plumber ringing the doorbell. Luckily he was impressed with my amateur efforts earlier in the week, and only found enough tasks needing doing to cost an arm and half a leg. Then once he’d gone, I went geocaching.

I think I’ve mentioned my geocache map before: I have a map of Southern Hampshire, with bits of Dorset, Wiltshire and West Sussex creeping in at the edges, and all the geocaches that I hadn’t found at the time I prepared the map are marked with red sticky dots. Those that I’ve found since then are red sticky dots with big letter “X”s on them. There’s a huge patch in the middle of the map with no un-done caches in it*, and borrowing from the old Colgate ad, I call this my “Ring of Confidence”.

If someone plants a new cache anywhere in the map area, my personal rule is that it doesn’t go on the map immediately, but if two weekends pass by and I haven’t found it, it gets a red sticker.

Anyway, this week, a cache was planted well within the ring, and knowing that I wouldn’t have time to do it next weekend (among other things, it’s my Godson’s birthday party on Sunday**), I headed off to do it as soon as the plumber left. Hedge End Hideaway didn’t take me long, then I went home. And to be fair, I have no idea what I spent the rest of the day doing.

Oh well, here’s a pic I took while looking for the cache. Very green and lush, isn’t it?

*Not 100% true.Please don’t mention the geocache known as The Orange Tree

**Note to Daniel’s Mum: Does saying in my blog that I’m coming count as my RSVP?

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