Those of you who follow goings-on over at Jenny’s blog will know that I’ve been struggling to deal with a spam comments issue for her.

Last night I completed the first wade-through, which means that in the last two weeks I’ve deleted two hundred thousand spammy comments. Unfortunately I suspect a few innocent comments will have fallen victim to the clearout, but when you’ve got a fifth of a million comments to get rid of there isn’t time to read each one first :-( Sorry to everyone whose comments have vanished – I suspect Jane, Katie-Jane and Hutters to be among the victims.

Something struck me as odd while watching the news last night: A Police spokesman was delivering the latest news on the prostitute murders in Suffolk, and was talking about the two latest bodies to be found. “We have not yet confirmed that these bodies are those of the two latest women reported missing, but we are assuming the worst”.

Assuming the worst? I’d have thought the fact that you’ve found two dead people confirmed the worst – that two more people are dead. Obviously the identification is pretty important to the relatives of the people concerned, but from the long-range view it’s as bad as it can get that two more people have been killed, and I don’t really see how identifying the bodies can make things worse. Worse for the loved ones of those killed, of course – but the fact that two people are dead is bad news for someone :-(

And on the subject of bad news, I was one of the recipients of the Surprise E-mail yesterday afternoon, as I suspect were a number of my readers: Thoughts and prayers are of course with those concerned.

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