I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day

A lot of people have said it doesn’t really feel like two weeks before Christmas.

Certainly round our way there aren’t many decorations up: They never go up in our house before the Sunday before Christmas (which this year means Christmas Eve) anyway, but there’s usually a few twinkly lights in other people’s windows before now. There are a couple of outdoor displays that I pass on my way home from work, but not as many as usual. And of course, the “No decorations without a risk assessment” impasse, referenced here last week, continues at work

Perhaps it’s the weather? It’s more Autumny than Wintery, so I suppose that might be a factor: Certainly the shops have been doing their best to get us into a mood for spending – sorry, I mean giving – but then they always do. Tescos near me put Christmas decorations in the “seasonal goods” aisle as soon as the back-to-school displays come down in September.

Still, I’ve written and handed out nearly all my Christmas cards, so that’s a bit of progress: of the shopping, I’ve got two presents (one of which is for my Mum) to decide what to get, and buy; One that I’ve decided on, still to get, and one that I’m waiting for, ordered by telephone this morning for postal delivery. I hope it arrives in time!

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