We’ve got this magic fridge in the office.

One of its tricks is that anything nice left in it – like my diabetic emergency choc bar I’ve told you about before – goes missing overnight. Lately it’s been teaching this trick to the filing cabinet where the biscuits live, as well. But the oddest thing is that any milk left in there will go lumpy the minute I reach for it. OK, that doesn’t affect me directly, I usually drink hot chocolate, herbal tea or black coffee, none of which require milk, but it does mean that I get moaned at every time it’s my turn to make the tea. You’d think they’d have learned by now.

Which reminds me – I need to get milk on my way to Hospital Radio. We had the Raynet meeting there on Saturday, and used nearly all the milk that was in the fridge. Luckily there won’t be many people there tonight, we’ve got an outside broadcast from the Guildhall, so a lot of the normal Monday programmes aren’t happening. It’s the band of the Royal Marines with their annual Christmas Concert – hurrah!

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