The Best Laid Plans…

Today didn’t go totally as planned…

I never made it to church this morning – the Gruntmobile didn’t want to wake up, and I flattened its battery in the process of trying to wake it up. It was a bit dodgy on cold mornings all last winter and I think a new battery is called for in the near future: Unfortunately Grunty has such a huge demand for power that it has two batteries, each of which is roughly the size of a small car, and contains more lead than the average church roof. So I’m delaying that expense as far as possible.

Still, I spent the morning writing Christmas cards, so the time wasn’t wasted.

This afternoon, with the batteries charged, I took Grunty on a nice long drive around the New Forest and down the Waterside. In the process I found the first part of a four-part multicache, The Great New Forest Cache Dash: I know where the second part is, but I wasn’t dressed for mud so I’ve left that for another day.

Then when I got home, I once again broke-and-then-mended Jenny’s blog. Unfortunately this time she tried to log in in the middle of the process, so she caught me out. Two phone calls later, I think she’s forgiven me :-)

I’m not going to do anything else technical today, just in case.

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