Woe upon woe…

This afternoon I went geocaching.

Cache with Stile is just outside the western boundary of the New Forest, and it’s quite a nice walk of just over a mile from the recommended parking place to get there.

As soos as I arrived in the area of the cache, I spotted the likely hiding place – no cache. I thrashed around for a few minutes, then decoded the clue. Admittedly it wasn’t much help, but it focussed my search a bit, but I still failed to find.

I sat down on the stile to read the instructions again – there’s often a subtle clue hidden there if you look carefully – and that’s when I noticed that my mobile phone wasn’t on my belt. I was sure I’d had it recently – I have this affectation of every couple of minutes, checking my belt for mobile phone, PDA, keys, camera etc – but much rooting around in all the places I’d been didn’t reveal it.

While I was sitting on the stile, trying to calm down and think clearly, the end fell off of my banananana and rolled in the dust. It says much for my state of mind at the time that I picked it up, wiped it on my shorts, and ate it.

Then on the way back to the car, I was chased by what I can only describe as a load of bullocks.

So, I’m currently mobile-less, although my Mum has kindly loaned me hers for a couple of days while I get things sorted out. Meanwhile, those of you who have my mobile number, I’ll email you with my new number once it’s working. Oh, and if you got a text or message pretending to come from me after lunchtime today…it wasn’t me! The phone, needless to say, is now blocked…

And finally, by tradition, here’s a pic I took on the way to the cache: See you later folks

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