In a comment to my post of Sunday, about the laptop wi-fi card failing, his Rockingness of Rob commented “Methinks that the old crappy card you took with you may have an issue working with the shiny network security protocols used Oop North”

Sadly it wasn’t the old crappy card I took with me: It was the good card that I’d been using in both the old laptop and the PDA. I knew that it worked reliably with both the old lappy and the PDA, so by using it Jenny would’ve been able to give the lappy a fair trial (or trial it fairly…sorry Henners!). This was the card that I’d always used at Jenny’s (and at home, and at Sarah’s) so I was confident that any problems Jenny had with the laptop wouldn’t be card-related.

Anyway, in a comment on that same blog, Rich said “Bet you anything the card will work again when you ‘trial’ it at home.”

Wrong :-(

So unless I can find a CF-wi-fi card on eBay (which is where I got this one from), it looks like I’ll have to make do without it, ‘cos I’m not going to pay sixty quid for a new one. Luckily the new lappy doesn’t need a card, it’s got wi-fi built in, but it’s always been quite convenient to be able to write e-mails, blog entries etc on the PDA and just send them when I get home, without having to fire anything else up. I suppose when my technical advisor has fixed the desktop, I could fit a bluetooth thingy and connect that way…

Anyway, that’s the technical situation: Jenny has a laptop that she can’t do anything with except play Solitaire, or perhaps play CDs on: Since she only wanted it for internetting I deleted Microsoft Office and everything to increase the available hard disk space. I can’t wi-fi on my PDA, and without investing in a new card, the old laptop is even more useless than it was before.


Ooh, and one other leftover bit of news from the weekend: Stu gave me a couple of sachets of the “Royal Coffee” he wrote about in this blog entry. He was right – it’s vile. I’m saving the other sachet for when someone I don’t like visits the office and I’m asked to make them coffee ;-)

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