Another Blog about What I Did at the Weekend

I suppose even those of you who aren’t actually interested will be expecting an account of the weekend’s caching activity?

Well, a fair up-summing would be the phrase “not much”. Jenny drove to Tyneside on Saturday, and after delivering Chris to the traditional non-league football match, we went Chrimbo shopping in the Metro Centre, only five minutes walk away. Shame we drove really, in the Saturday afternoon traffic it took nearly half an hour. Anyway, there’s a cache somewhere within the Metro Centre, but a combination of rubbish GPS signals, and there being about twenty million other people in there, meant that I didn’t even get to look for it properly.

Still, the hotel we were staying in DID have a cache-and-dash in the car park – sadly that was about the only thing the hotel had going for it, but that’s for another blog.

On Sunday morning, Jan, Andy, Chris and I tried for a nearby multicache: Jan soon retired hurt with shoe problems, but the rest of is carried on, spotting the Fulwell Flasher on the way. Sadly the final cache location proved to be a fail-to-find :-(.

And on Monday in Nottingham I took the wrong approach to the nearby cache and didn’t have time to try again. Still, it’ll still be there next time.

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