Fun Fun Fun

Well, the pub quiz was fun :-)

Chris and Jenny took me to their regular Sunday evening music quiz, where we teamed up with Stu and Sarah and Ian and Helen1 and put in a performance that could best be summed up as “feeble”. Our crowning achievement – apart from not coming last2 – was guessing that the answer to the next question would be Motorhead singing “Ace of Spades” before the question was even asked, but since everyone else had guessed it too, it wasn’t THAT clever.

And most of today, of course, has been spent travelling home. Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, it’s only a three-hour train ride, but the business of packing, giving the cats a treat before leaving, walking to the station (and feeding the ducks on the canal on the way) and eating lunch at Derby station seem to have turned it into a six-hour one. Without even an amusing Virgin Trains announcement to enliven the day, the oddest moment came with a phone call on the company mobile from Sean, my boss. Partly it was odd because it means he’s finally learned to call the company phone rather than my personal one, but the main oddness was the content of the message: as far as I could tell, he was ringing me on my day off to apologise for ringing me on my day off.

As I may have said before…


Oh and by the way – in keeping with tradition, I left something I didn’t intend to leave, at Jenny’s. Found what it is yet J?

1 Hope I got those names right, it was a bit noisy in there and they were sitting on my deaf side
2 But only just

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