Lost and…um…

I have this real talent for losing things.

If you read yesterday’s blog – and if you didn’t, why not – you’ll know that while geocaching in rough country just outside the New Forest, I lost my mobile phone. Somewhere, in one of the many patches of rough bracken or heather, it slipped out of its case and was gone for good…or at least, until someone finds it. It’s just the latest in a line of things to go missing.

Those of you who know me will know that I have carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist, for which I wear a wrist brace. The brace is really awkward to type with, and rather than just accepting that I shouldn’t type with it so much, I take it off and “manage??? without. I also try to do without it in hot weather, or while doing anything that might get it dirty: As a result, I’ve now lost two braces in six months.

I once typed a letter and put it down on the table while I went into the next room to fetch an envelope: The letter was never seen again. Videotapes, library books and CDs all vanish into thin air within hours of being handled by me. I once drove home from a weekend away and discovered that I’d left my trousers in Eastbourne, and on a Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition I became the least popular person in the group when it was discovered that the tent pegs which had been in my rucksack that morning were now spread over fourteen miles of Dartmoor countryside. My parents bought me a whistling keyring once: I couldn’t find the keys to put them on.

I don’t suppose I could borrow a pen, could I?

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