Take the Cache and Run

A brilliant day geocaching with my friends of Team Tate, followed by meeting loads of other cachers in a pub! The caches we did were…
Headley Ford
Common Find It
Lambourn Way
Boxford Stash
Boxford Common
Froudes Bridge
I can’t remember what the pub was called, but it was nice that when we got there we saw loads of other cachers including Anne and Brian, Billy No Buddies, Bloke1987, The Bramblers, DJH, Esscafe, Krazy Kats, Liz Codd, Merman, Motley Crew, Mr and Mrs Hedgehog, Omally, Paul and Judith, Pharisee, Rincewind and Luggage, Scoutabout, Team Blitz, Tim and June and Woodsmoke.

The day was even more special because I found my 100th cache at Common Find It, and because I was caching with the mates who introduced me to this zany sport in the first place. Then at the pub we had a game of non-virtual Pingu Baseball…all you ned is a baseball bat and a penguin, if you hasven’t got a real one steal Woodsmoke’s daughter’s cute Pingu slipper!

Oh, and the mighty Pompey FC held Newcastle to a draw.

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