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Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

In case you’re wondering where Gottleblog has gone…

I’m on holiday and the 3G signal on the campsite is RUBBISH! So to preserve bandwidth as much as possible, I’m posting updates on Facebook.

My Facebook wall is here

Above Average

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Today is the 201st day of the year. And today I found my 202nd, 203rd and 204th caches of the year. I also failed to find two caches, but we’ll draw a veil over those…

It’s the first time in the year I’ve been ahead of the one-cache-a-day average, although I don’t expect it to last – New Wine starts this Friday and there’s no way I’ll maintain one a day there. But I’m happy with where I am for now, and averaging one a day would see me end the year on 1591.

I can feel a Christmas 1600 coming on…


Monday, July 12th, 2010

Well all right, it wasn’t quite a cachepedition, but close to it: when m’lovely Purple Fred (we love each other very much) asked me what I wanted to do at the weekend, I commented “Well whatever else we do, I’d like to grab three caches – I’m on 1397″ (where possible I like to do centenary numbers with sepcial chums).

So, after we’d had lunch at one of our favourite places, we had a look at the map, and guess what? A recently placed 6 mile circular route of 20 caches – plus three more along the way that had been there before the series was placed :-) . It was a hot old day, and even with several stops for water and a stop at a tea shoppe (Titchfield Haven Visitor Centre), we were flagging by the end. PF wasn’t at all impressed when I told her a decent runner would do that distance in about thirty five minutes!

We had a lovely curry and a glass of wine when we got home :-)


Thursday, July 8th, 2010

I spotted this while standing at the bus stop…


“Guaranteed Finance Subject to Status”…in other words, finance not guaranteed at all?

Head Scratching Moment

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that I’ve been managing the website for the drama group.

When PF (whom I love very much) and I first started putting the site together, we wrote the first couple of pages in Word, saving it as HTML. We soon stopped doing that and wrote the rest of the site in Wordpad, but sorting out those initial pages stayed on the “to do” list: pages generated in Word have about ten million lines of surplus code that don’t seem to do anything very much, but we weren’t close to the storage limit of the web host so it wasn’t urgent.

Then yesterday, I had to change one of the Word-generated pages: It was only taking out the picture that was there and replacing it with another, and took me a few seconds, and when I spoke to PF later on the phone I told her I’d done it.

”No you haven’t” she told me, ”the old picture is still there”. After some debate she called in another member and got him to have a look and see what he could see. He saw the new picture, same as I did.

”Ask him what browser he’s using”, I suggested, in a moment of inspiration.”Firefox”, came the reply.

So, the site resolves correctly on Firefox, which he and I are using, but not in MSIE, which PF was using. To test my rapidly-developing theory, I opened MSIE on my machine, and sure enough I was looking at the old version of the site as well.

No, I haven’t uninstalled MSIE from my machine – I keep it for testing website compatibility, and it’s a shame I hadn’t used it before uploading…

To cut a long story short (too late!), MSIE doesn’t resolve properly with websites generated from MS Word. I solved the problem by stripping out all those millions of lines of surplus code that I mentioned back in the second paragraph, at least one of which obviously was doing something – it was telling the browser to ignore the (IMG) tag in the HTML and display a different picture instead.

The moral of this tale, my bunnies, is that if you have to write a website, do it properly, using a simple text editor from scratch. It takes a bit longer, especially if you’re converting a file that’s already been written in Word, but at least it’ll work, and you’ll understand what the lines of code are doing.

I See…

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Earlier this week, I did a Display Screen Equipment assessment for one of m’colleagues. Su (not her real name) was complaining of migraines caused by working at her computer. I started with my usual opening question in such circumstances:

Me: When did you last have your eyes tested?

Su: About a month ago

Me: Did the optician say anything about your migraines?

Su: Yes, he prescribed me these glasses

Me: Those glasses?

Su: Yes, these glasses

Me: Um…errr…did he actually suggest you try wearing them?

As of five days later, the glasses are still sitting on Su’s desk, and her migraines are no better.