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Now THAT Was a Fun Day!

Monday, October 1st, 2007

A couple of you will know why there was no bloggage last night…but let’s keep things in order…

I had to rush out of church a wee bit early yesterday morning – but its ok, I stayed until after Communion, so I won’t go to Hell – well, not for that, anyway. The cause of the early departure was an appointment with Rob and Sarah for a mini-cachepedition: eleven caches in seven miles on the Itchen Navigation, all placed by our good chum Easy Rambler.

So, after a train ride to Winchester and a snack-ette in that fair city, we headed South – and technically at least, downhill. Those caches were:
The Wharf
Tun Bridge
St. Catherine Lock
Mission Impossible 1, which I’d already found, but Rob and Sarah hadn’t.
Compton Lock
Shawford Cygnets
South Down Farm
Bram Bridge
Allbrook, which Rob had found before but I hadn’t
The Sidings

That complete, it was home for a quick shower and change before heading for our new favourite pub for their quiz night: Using the team name “Sir Robin’s Minstrels”1, we can honestly say we won convincingly, although it was an odd mixture of questions – from “What colour is associated with envy?”2 to “On what date did the 999 emergency number start operation?”3.

I think we’ll be quiz-ing again :-)

1 You may need some familiarity with the work of Monty Python to understand that team name.
2 We knew that one.
3 But not that one