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Another Grand Day Out

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

Sorry about the lack of bloggage last night – I spent the day on a caching Grand Day Out with some chums, and was VERY tired by the time I got home! We walked 13 miles of the Wayfarer’s Walk, and found 23, 24 or 25 caches (some of us had already done some of them, hence the disparity in numbers). Quite a few of us hit personal milestone numbers along the way:

  • Pink Boots + Co got to 250
  • Rockin’ Rob got to 350
  • Lizzzeeeee got to 500 – and supplied champagne and strawberries and cream to celebrate!
  • I got to 750
  • Esscafe got to 1500!

Anyway, those caches were:
Wayfarer’s Walk: Walbury Hill
Wayfarer’s Walk: Combe View
Wayfarer’s Walk: Pond Surprise
Wayfarer’s Walk: No Silence from the Lambs
Wayfarer’s Walk: Striking View
Wayfarer’s Walk: East Woodhay View
Wayfarer’s Walk: Where’s the View
Wayfarer’s Walk: Pilot View
Wayfarer’s Walk: Charldown
Wayfarer’s Walk: Coles Wood
Are You Baud Yet?
Wayfarer’s Walk: Highclere Castle View
Wayfarer’s Walk: Three Legged Cross
Wayfarer’s Walk Postcard Exchange – which I’d done before but quite a few of us hadn’t :-)
Wayfarer’s Walk: Highclere Stud
Wayfarer’s Walk: Upper Woodcott Down
Wayfarer’s Walk: Lower Woodcott Down
Wayfarer’s Walk: Seven Barrows
Wayfarer’s Walk: Safe Crossing
Wayfarer’s Walk: The Other Side
Wayfarer’s Walk: Bunny City – Esscafe’s 1500th!
Wayfarer’s Walk: Great Lichfield Down – my 750th!
Wayfarer’s Walk: Ladle Hill – Lizzzeeeee’s 500th!
Wayfarer’s Walk: Andrew’s Des Res – Rob’s 350th! We had a rest here to consume champagne and strawberries and cream, supplied by Lizzzzeeeee in celebration of her 500th.
And finally…
Wayfarer’s Walk: Watership Down

And then we all went to the pub, where there was considerable consumption of alcohol (mostly by Iain, who wasn’t driving), eating of dinner (and yes, I had salad1), and planning of a future cachepedition.

1 Technically true – I stole a piece of Sarah’s cucumber while waiting for my roast pork with all the trimmings to arrive.

Saturday at Last!

Saturday, September 1st, 2007

Today I went to a caching event, organised by my old chum Nobby Nobbs! On the way there I visited It’s Not About Numbers – Number Two, the last of the series that I did last week – it was replaced yesterday after going missing. And then I stopped off at a trig point I’ve visited before because it’s just become a virtual cache, Ye Old Survey Monuments – Sway.

And then of course, it was to Wilverley for the Last Gasp of Summer Picnic Bash, a lovely meeting with some fun people, some of whom were old friends and some I met for the first time. Nobby had even arranged for the Red Arrows to pass by! At least, that was what he said…Then I went with a couple of other cachers and found Finish Your Picnic before coming back and…finishing my picnic!

There were a couple of other caches planted for the day, but I can’t log them yet because they’re not available online – I’ll give you linkies once I’ve done them. And then on the way home I did a couple of puzzle caches: firstly What’s the Magic Word?, an excellent puzzle by a new cacher to the area, and then It’s a Puzzle!, which it certainly was! Then home, via a surprisingly quiet Lyndhurst, to prepare for tomorrow’s Big Walk :-)

UPDATE: Those other two caches were Summer Picnic One and Summer Picnic Two.