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Thursday, April 5th, 2007

As has become traditional following the Easter Cachepedition – or the “Almost Easter” Cachepedition as we’ve called it this year – I’m too tired to blog properly. So I’ll just give you a list of the caches we found and leave it at that. More details and some photos (and why you shouldn’t eat at The Narrowboat in Thatcham) tomorrow. Maybe.
We found:
Widmead Lock
Bull’s Lock
Skylar Cache
Discover This…
The Teddybears Picnic
Tree Camp
Amy’s Secret Place
Greenham Lock
Lock Stock and Barrel

Big City

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

Another visit to the Big City today, and a much less stressful one: I had nothing to prove this time, no interview, just a meeting with my new boss (and with her boss, although only in passing) to deal with the pre-employment security checks and a few other bits of paper. It looks like it’ll be two clear weeks before the security clearance comes through and I can start, which is good news for next week’s caravan trip to Devon. In fact New Boss (hereafter referred to as Julie, because it’s her name) is happy for me to not even reply formally to the offer of employment letter (which I haven’t received yet) until after I get back.

I also took the opportunity to buy an Oyster card, a pre-payment card for travel on London busses and the underground: as well as avoiding the need to always have the right change, it’s cheaper than buying tickets as you need them. Looks like others are getting in on the pre-payment thing too: I was asked if I wanted to get a pre-payment card for the Starbucks coffee shop! Since there’s one very close to the building I’ll be based in, I suspect I’ll be getting one fairly soon.

And of course I made time for a little light caching, using my Oyster card to trot around London and find:
Catastrophe, Calamity, Cataclysm no. 4
Auntie calling All Souls
Sherlock no. 6
Criss-Cross Bridge

Money Money Money

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

My luvvly Mum took me out for a celebration-of-new-job meal today. Needless to say, we went to our favourite, the Mucky Duck.

After that – and the better you know me, the more you’ll be surprised by this – we went to Marks and Spencer, where I spent another seventy-odd quid on clothes :-( . This new job thingy is starting to look like the first day at big school – I’m certainly scared enough! It’s not that I doubt my ability to do the job – I know I’ve got both the technical knowledge and the skills – but having always worked in private sector industry, suddenly being part of the civil service is going to be a bit of a culture change. My chums Marie, Paul, Jenny and Chris – all of whom work, or have worked in the civil service – have been filling me in on the kind of things I can expect to be different: We’ll see!

Meanwhile, tomorrow is the day I have to meet the new headmaster – oops sorry, I mean boss – so another trip to the capital. And yes, Mr H, it will be a SWT gold card I’ll be getting when I buy my season ticket!

Home Again

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

Today consisted mainly of taking the minibus back where I got it from, paying my bar bill, and going home via a couple of caches. That sounds a bit ordinary, but it was really a nice day: The “going home” bit didn’t start until nearly midday, because I was sitting around chatting to John and Marie (conference organisers), Paul and Emma (Chief Exec and his wife) and other long-standing chums. The day was also a bit sepcial because for the first time ever, my bar bill exceeded the cost of refilling the minibus with diesel :-( . I blame the celebrating on Friday night!

I’d just finished the first of the day’s caches when I had a phone call from the lady who’s going to be my boss in my new job: She wanted me to go in sometime at my convenience to do some of the security check stuff and discuss a few things, so I’m off to the smoke again on the train. There may even be a couple of caches on the way ;-)

And on the subject of caches, I suppose for the sake of completeness I ought to summarise the weekend’s caching: I’ve already told you about the three I did on Thursday, so starting on Friday evening I went out with Blitzy and Alistair and did Abington Square Webcam – you can see the three of us – plus a passing Northampton lady in a very short skirt – on the right of the picture. Thanks to Bex for doing the techy stuff and getting the picture for us.

On Saturday – after taking the usual suspects to a local non-league footie match – the same three of us went and found:
Grizzly’s Bridleway Challenge, a walk of at least six feet from the car park, and Alistair and I found it while Blitzy was still waiting for his GPS to get a lock!
Long Arm of the Nene, a sneaky little hide in an excellent place – I can see a hide in a similar style appearing round this way soon! It was also the start of a nice canal-side walk which took us to
Turnover Bridge, which I’d’ve found on Thursday had it not been for the boorish canal boat owner who thought it acceptable behaviour for her German Shepherd Dog to charge up and down the towpath threatening innocent geocachers. After walking back to the minibus, we just had time for
Banbury Lane Bridge before we had to go and collect the footie fans and return to the hotel for the evening celebrations.

After it was all over on Sunday, I just had time for Northampton Old and New, a multi for which I’d found all the clues on Thursday. And then on the way home today, in Northampton I found Vitrified – another sneaky local hide – and then much nearer home, Elmore Abbey.

So there we are: Roll on six months time, and the Newport (South Wales) conference!

The Carnival is Over

Sunday, April 1st, 2007

Not a carnival really, but conference, but the Seekers didn’t do a song called “The National Hospital Radio Conference – Northampton Spring 2007 is Over”, and if they had, it wouldn’t be very good because it wouldn’t have scanned very well.

Actually now I come to think of it, I’m not sure that “The Carnival is Over” was the Seekers either, but I’m too lazy to go and check.

Right – my lovely talk on “How Not to be Sued” seemed to go down pretty well – only one person walked out partway through, and I have to forgive them ‘cos it was Jenny, and she DID come back again. Everyone else not only stayed, but seemed to stay awake and asked intelligent questions at the end, so that’s OK. I went caching yesterday afternoon with my chums Blitzy and Alistair, and we found the three I’d failed to find on Thursday – oddly, it was me that first found two of them, and in both cases I walked straight to them and found them straight away. Blitzy spotted the other.

And then last night was the National Hospital Radio Awards: Another stunning show with celebrities and action, and some of our chums – including our fellow blogger Tony, of the Tardis Blog – won things as well :-) Any chance you might update your blog now Tony ;-) ?

Today’s main event was driving thirteen Scottish people to Birmingham airport to catch their flight home: The minibus was probably overweight because of all the awards they won, stuffed into their suitcases, but we got them there safely, and I and the mini bus got back to the hotel.

And now I’m off to bed. G’night all.