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Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Sunday, July 2nd, 2006

Crumbs, it’s been a bit hot today.

I got to church this morning to find a decision had been taken that servers wouldn’t robe, because of the heat. I didn’t really mind – although if I’d known in advance I’d probably have worn long trousers. I wasn’t the only person in church wearing shorts, but I was the only shorts-wearer serving at Communion ;-)

Rockin’ Rob had asked me if I wanted to go caching today, but I’d been booked by my Mum for gardening-related duties. In the end they didn’t happen either because of the heat, but I did get loads of holiday-preparation work done on the caravan, including a good wodge of packing. What I didn’t manage was a gym session – I’d planned to go, but it was too flipping hot, and by the time it cooled down, the US Grand Prix was on the telly.

There’s always tomorrow.


Saturday, July 1st, 2006

Now I know what you’re all thinking.

“But it was Friday yesterday”, you’re thinking. “And it was a lovely evening – yet our favourite short bearded bald bloke didn’t blog about going caching after work. Is he ill?”

Well, no I’m not ill. But I blogged early yesterday, so by the time I went caching after work it was too late to include it :-) . I found the next stage – part 7 – of the Enigma Variations cache, but couldn’t solve the puzzle. So rather than waste the evening, I went on and did a couple of nearby virtual caches.

The first was Woodhenge, a fairly new concrete reconstruction marking the site of a prehistoric wooden structure predating Stonehenge. When the original archaeologists excavated the site, they found at its centre the grave of a victim of human sacrifice, and the grave spot yesterday was marked with various new-age style tributes, probably left by visitor to the Summer Solstice last week.

Then it was on to a more recent historic site, The Sun Gap Cache, marking the location of the earliest trials in aviation in the UK.

Today has been much less interesting – I had a meeting down a hole in the ground in Winchester, and then I went to the gym.