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Wednesday, November 9th, 2005

Things you don’t want to hear, when you go for your flu jab, if you’re a big baby where needles are concerned:
“Come in…this is Hannah and she’s a medical student. She’ll be giving you your flu jab this morning”.
She looked very normal and nice, but for some reason “medical students” always put me in mind of Vyvyan out of “The Young Ones”. Anyway, she did a good job and my arm isn’t sore at all. Yet.

Ooh, and Fiona – the Sister who was supervising Hannah’s efforts – said I was doing very well on weight and dietary control, and described me as her star patient! She’s still increased the dose of the blood pressure medicine, though.
Sickness stats: All well except that my sinusues are really sore.


Tuesday, November 8th, 2005

OK, for those of you who asked (particularly Hutters), here’s a piccy of the thing with the flashing lights. You can find its information page on the eBuyer site here.

According to one of the “satisfied customer” reviews, it’s about the size of a double CD case and comes with mounting holes to fix it to the wall. It’s probably going to go on the wall in the hobby room above the workbench (the wall that’s facing you, if you look at my webcam pics), which will make it convenient for the telephone line: It’ll also be close to the printer, ready for when I use one of its wired terminals to fit a print server.


Tuesday, November 8th, 2005

It’s been an expensive couple of days at Castle Gottlegog.

My credit card bill came yesterday, and gave me a bit of a shock – luckily quite a lot of what’s on there is expenses which I can expect to get back fairly soon (please John? :-) ), but my lovely Lappytoppy was there too, and no-one’s going to reimburse me for that. Added to which, I’ve given Rockin’ Rob my Ebuyer order for the bits needed to wireless networkify the stately mansion1, and he’s going to want a cheque in the next day or so. A spare lappytoppy battery is also winging its way to me, and I’ve just sent a mass order to Cats Protection for this year’s Chrimbo cards.

Mind you, I’ve found a fabby wireless network thingy – it acts as a wireless hub, and a router, and an ADSL modem, and a four-port wired hub, AND it’s got flashing lights. What more could a boy ask for? A print server, obviously – but that can wait till after Christmas.

Sickness Stats:
Nose and chest: Not bad
Sinuses: Feeling sledgehammered.
And tomorrow I’m having a flu jab, so apparently it’s all going to start again.

1 So we share the postage costs – he’s putting an order in as well

The Only Good Thing About Not Having a Cat…

Monday, November 7th, 2005

…is that the visitors to the bird bath feel safe.

Sickness stats:
Sinuses: Still clogged
Chesty cough: Still chesty, more productive than before
Nasal passages: Bleurgh
Persons infected: Eight high-ranking IT monkeys from head office, who insisted I did their site tour this morning.

Bob and Sarah’s Firework Party

Sunday, November 6th, 2005






An’ there were burgers and hot dogs, and drinks, and chocolate things (which I couldn’t have ‘cos I’m diabetic, only I did anyway, and now my blood sugar’s about ten million) and marshmallows, and dancing, and good chums, and it was fabby.


Saturday, November 5th, 2005

Cold score today: Sore throat, clogged sinuses and an intermittently chesty cough :-( .

On the other hand, I HAVE got the tracker and trace pages working again, so those of you who like remotely stalking me will have something to play with. The other reason for the “Hurrah” of the title is that I went caching this afternoon: First was Claylands Climb, a nice easy cache in a nature reserve outside Bishops Waltham. I then planned to do the multi-cache Titchfield Tour, but when I got to the car park I was joined by my good caching chums Paul and Judith, who warned me that the final location was heavily infested with Muggles and the cache wouldn’t be retrievable.

Instead, after we’d chewed the fat for a while, I headed off and found Gnashie’s Cachie. And then I went home – firework party tonight!

Round Up

Friday, November 4th, 2005

Some of you will have noticed I didn’t blog yesterday. This was partly inertia on my part, and partly that I had nothing interesting to tell you.

Today, I noticed that I haven’t given you October’s stats roundup yet. Last month’s theme continued unabated, with a whole 88 hits on the site coming from Google (and other) searches for “Horrible”. Between them, the phrases “Horrible pictures”, “Horrible images”, “Horrible picture” and – a new entry – “La Horrible” accounted for a further 17.

Among the minor contenders, “Hospital Radio South Tyneside” brought two visitors, as did “Hiding in a bush”, “Happy birthday bald” and “Gottle”.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday bring the most visitors, and most of you are dropping in at nine in the morning or nine in the evening, although there’s a good spread through the day. Identifiable servers in use by visitors seem to belong to Stu and Sarah, Marie and John, Kitty Hawk, Andy the Bear, and one that may be SimonG. The rest of you are using servers that seem pretty anonymous.

In total, there were just over eight thousand visits to the site, and a total of thirty-seven thousand pages were viewed. Total traffic through the site was just over half a gigabyte.

I’m going to a party tomorrow so hopefully tomorrow’s blog will be a bit more exciting :-)

Politically Correct

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005

I heard a couple of stories on my course last week:

In the first, a training organisation is running a three-day course, attended by delegates from several different companies, and two from a city council. At the start of day one, the trainer says to the group,
“Right: For the duration of this course, a manhole is a manhole and a chairman is a chairman. Anyone got a problem with that?” The two from the council said that they had a problem, they felt that language should be inclusive and non-offensive to all. They were told, “Right, get out, and we’ll refund your training fees. These other people are here to learn and I’m not going to waste their time pandering to that sort of nonsense.”

I don’t know who the council were in that story, but the council in the other story was Leicester: A well-known consultancy firm was asked to quote for some Health and Safety training, and sent along one of their consultants for a meeting with the client. After a few months it became obvious they hadn’t got the job, and someone in the office made a follow-up call to find out why. Apparently, in sending a white male consultant, they’d failed to demonstrate their commitment to inclusiveness.

According to this news story, in the London borough of Lambeth, Christmas tree lights are being referred to as either “Winter Lights” or “Celebrity Lights”, because some minor official was afraid of offending non-Christian faiths. It seems that this official – in common with an increasing number of other irritating little minor functionaries – is terrified of offending non-Christians, but is quite happy to offend Christians. I don’t have a universal answer to this – although a good first step would be for more Christians to make their mark and complain. But from now on, this blog has a “Policy regarding Political Correctness”:

It is not the intention of the author of this blog to cause offense to anyone, and his opinions are often moderated before publishing for this reason. If any offense is caused to any group, it is unintentional.

However, the author is a practising Christian and refuses to compromise his principles. In this blog, Christmas is Christmas and celebrates the birth of Jesus, who was, and is, the Son of God. If you believe otherwise, I respect your views and your right to hold them and express them, but I won’t pretend to believe differently to what I do.

I don’t blog about Christianity often, and when I do, I hope I do it non-offensively. And yes, I know all the stuff about the date of Christmas, and many of its traditions, being chosen to mirror the pagan midwinter festivals: The point is that for Christians it’s about Jesus, and I won’t pretend otherwise.

A New Pleasure!

Tuesday, November 1st, 2005

Regular readers will know of my love for all things puzzly or quizzical, and in particular the logic puzzle Sudoku.

Those cunning Japanese – aided and abetted by the puzzle page team at the Guardian – have now given us kakuro. Follow the link if you’d like to know more about it, ‘cos the website explains it far more clearly than I could, but basically it’s a cross between a crossword and an arithmetic puzzle: Sudoku is entirely a logic puzzle – the numbers are only labels, and you can play with letters, colours, shapes, or pictures of fluffy bunny rabbits if you want to, but Kakuro has an arithmetic element as well. I wasn’t very impressed for about the first ten seconds, but this looks to be just as addictive as Sudoku :-)

Ooh, and good news on the broken-car-satnav situation: While I was wondering about the best way to fix the broken GPS, I remembered that the last time I upgraded the wiring I fitted an extra plug, so it’s easy to connect a standby GPS to the system. So my spare caching GPS should be starting duty there tomorrow.