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South For the Winter

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

I was talking about blogs with my mate Paul S last weekend – apparently he likes my blog best when I go off on a rant.

Regular rant-loving readers will know that I tend to go off on one about this time every year: The basis is that the Great North Run gets a full weekend of prime time TV: The Great South Run – where I spent today working – gets two minutes at insomniac’s hour on some obscure TV channel that less than one percent of the world gets to watch.

A crowd of us took the opportunity to rant at the organiser today – who’s also the organiser of the Great North Run, and the other races in the Great Run series. He had the grace to look a bit shifty, but didn’t come up with much of an answer, so we thought one up for ourselves. The reason is that the Great North Run is the only TV-worthy thing that happens “Up North” – for evidence I offer the fact that when the telly made a series about Geordie bricklayers, they had to set it in Germany. So while they get a whole year’s worth of telly in one event, our ration has to be shared out among the myriad of events that happen down here.

So there. Hope John and Marie are still speaking to me after they read this :-)

Maybe Get a Blister on Your Bum…

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

So how did you all get on with that little guessing game yesterday? You’ll remember I told you I had a blister on the base of my thumb, and invited you to guess how I got it.

Remember how I told you I spent Sunday working on an event in the New Forest? Most of that time I was helping on a drinks station, handing out bottles of water to passing runners. The runners like the bottles to either have the tops off, or loosened, to help them drink without breaking stride.

So, I have a thumb blister from opening 350 bottles of New Forest Spring Water. Life’s exciting, isn’t it?

The other news is that at long last I’ve got round to accepting all my friends invites on Facebook. I’m now involved in four games of Scrabulous – and at the time of writing, winning three of them!

That’s Over!

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

Today’s picture shows Grunty in the middle of flippin’ nowhere, as per usual :-)

We were working on the New Forest Middle Distance Triathlon – a 2 kilometer swim, a 90 k bike ride and a 20 k run. This picture’s near the 8 mile point on the run, and about a mile from the nearest tarmac: Not the most exciting off-roading – until I had to drive down the hill to the previous checkpoint: Steep, loose gravel, mud, the whole nine yards! The only thing that stopped me me was the bridge that didn’t look big enough for anything heavier than a backpacker and certainly wouldn’t take a Gruntmobile.

As I neared the point where I couldn’t drive any further, I met a school party doing Duke of Edinburgh award: As I drew level, I wound down the window and asked – as seriously as I could manage – “Scuse me – did any of you guys ring out for a pizza?”. Amazingly they took me seriously and told me they hadn’t. “Oh well, must be that marshal on the checkpoint up there then”

I think it’s bedtime. All this mischief wears you down, y’know.

Still Busy

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

It was a bit frantic at work today. Those of you who know where I work, and have watched the news, might have an inkling why, although there was other stuff going on at the same time to make things even more frantic!

Last night was a Grand Night Out: I went to the pub for a cachepedition planning meeting with Rockin’ Rob and Sarah – there was also Hunters Chicken and rather a lot of beer :-) . Such a shame that we didn’t get all the planning done and we’re going to have to do it again next week!

In an effort to calm life down a bit, I’ve decided that I’m not going to be group controller of the Raynet group anymore (if anyone in the group is reading this, you’ll be getting an e-mail about it later in the week!). There’s a number of reasons – political and organisational – added to which, I never wanted to be controller in the first place! So that should free up at least a little bit of time.


Long Day

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

That was a busy day and a bit.

Today was the New Forest Marathon, and we were providing the course communications. Last night m’chum John and I had to go down to New Milton and put up a Big Aerial, and we were much later finishing than we expected – hence no bloggery last night.

A substantial chunk of today was spent at the junction where the marathon route crosses the A35. The Police control the traffic, stopping the cars for the runners to go across, and letting it go again in the gaps between runners. Much honking of horns ensued – as if THAT would do any good – and there were a few unpleasant words directed at the nice Police Sergeant.

Still, the day went fairly well, no-one was injured – not by anything we were responsible for, anyway – and because the races started two hours earlier than normal, I was home just after five :-) .

And now it’s time to start planning next Sunday’s event. Looks like I’ll be missing the day out with caching chums :-(