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Monday, November 17th, 2008

Today I have mostly been feeling crap :-(

I think it’s the beginnings of a cold – it may even be man flu, but whatever it is, it led me Mungo’s Emporium of All Things Healing, Energising And Decongesting – henceforth known as MEATHEAD – at lunchtime. I picked up a packet of Benylin Day and Night Cold Cure, quite literally the best thing since whatever was the best thing before sliced bread, and headed for the payout station.

“Thank you sir,” said the Meathead salesperson, “would you like a bag with that?”

That seemed a reasonable question, and in the interests of environment-friendliness, I declined.

“And would you like any stamps with that?”

Oddly enough, I HAD wanted stamps earlier today, but m’colleague Leigh had gone to the post office and got me a book of second class, so that was OK. Again, I declined.

“How about a mobile phone top-up or SIM card?”

Is this some kind of parallel universe? There’s a mobile phone shop next door, why on earth would I buy things like that in a pharmacy? Anyway, I escaped with just my tablets, and retired to Mungo’s Sub Shop…where they didn’t try to sell me anything except a ham and turkey sub :-)


Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

This happened yesterday, but I didn’t want to overshadow Armistice Day by having a rant…

Maplin Electronics send me a sepcial offer catalogue every so often, and there’s usually something intriguing in there. Last week’s had something that would be ideal for my luvvly Mum for Christmas, and there were a couple of bits that I want for the caravan, so at lunchtime I headed off to the nearest branch – Mungo’s Maplins – to the office. My plan was simple – buy the four items I wanted, hand over my squids, then round the corner to Mungo’s Jacket Potato Shop to get my lunch and back to the office to eat. Total time – minus the eating bit – fifteen minutes max.

But I’d reckoned without how crap this particular branch of Maplins is: two things I found fairly quickly, my Mum’s Chrimbo pressie I never found at all, and the fourth item, the caravan gadget, I found in a locked display cabinet. I waited twenty five minutes for a member of staff with a key and a brain cell to be available, then gave up, dropped the two items I had managed to locate on the floor, and stomped out in a grump.

And by then, I only had twenty minutes of my lunch break left, and the queue at Mungo’s Jacket Potato Shop was out the door, so I had to go to Subway instead :-( . The only good part of the whole experience was that the low-fat sweet chicken teriyaki sub is on sepcial offer this week.


Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

The weather today was, to use a technical geocacher’s term, rubbish. We started a walk that would’ve given us seven caches, knowing all along that the weather might force us to change our plans, especially as we were going up high. Along the way we passed walkers going in the other direction who said things like “You’re not ging up there are you?”, or simply, “Good luck”

The first intended cache was a fail-to-find, and that was the point at which we had the first view of the ridge we were planning on traversing…it was a thousand feet above us and experiencing fog and driving rain. At that point it started to hail where we were, so we decided on a tactical withdrawal back to the car, and a couple of fairly easy drive-bys, punctuated by a visit to the pub.

It DID mean that on the way back to the cottage we had time to stop at Mungo’s Coal Shop (yes, he even gets up here), and as a result now have a roaring coal fire in the grate in the living room, which is nicely warming the rest of the house :-)

He’s from Cataluña

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

I saw something stranger than usual at Waterloo this morning. There were two blokes – or perhaps I should say “hombres” – on the concourse, dressed as matadors and handing out leaflets advertising “Shopping in Madrid”.

I guess it may be a “man” thing – but I live in Southampton. Within a ten-minute bus ride of my house there’s more shops than a sane person would want to visit in a lifetime, yet I know people who travel to other cities just to go shopping – in exactly the same shops they’ve got within minutes of home. I can understand that people who live in some rural outpost like Much-Thrutching-on-the-Bog would need to travel to the Big City to find a branch of Mungo’s, but why do people go to other places when they’ve got the same shops at home? OK, I know I’ve done Christmas shopping at the Meadowhall, but that’s more about sharing the misery with some convivial company than anything else.

So to return to my original point – why would someone who lives within a train ride of London be interested in shopping in Madrid?

Blog 1:01

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

If you’ve not already read it, go and have a look at this post on Rockin’ Rob’s blog.

He’s writing about the harm that can be done – to friendships and sanity – if people take blog entries too literally. In the time that I’ve been blogging, I’ve time shifted stuff, changed names and otherwise disguised things, without actually changing the truth of anything. Most people only tell the bits of the story that make it funny, or poignant or whatever, or change some details to protect people who don’t want to be written about1.

Hopefully no-one will be too surprised to discover that the shops around where I work aren’t really owned by Mungo: Because of who I work for, I have to maintain confidentiality, and if I blogged the real names of the shops, it would be pretty easy to work out where I am. Other people, for their own reasons, disguise what they actually do for a living – either because they don’t want people pestering them for jelly-making assistance, or so that anyone at work stumbling across their blog won’t recognise them.

I’ve got something pretty major going on in my life at the moment, and if you’re reading between the lines you might have a good idea what it is: If you’ve seen my Facebook profile you might have put two and two together, as Jannypoos did. I’m sure I’ll blog more details one day, but there’s someone else involved and they have their own reasons for maintaining confidentiality at the moment. And those who need to know, do :-)

I can’t say it better than Rob did: Blogs are an individual’s shop window, and only contain what the blogger wants to be on show. So don’t be surprised if they don’t match what you know about the blogger’s life!

1 Bad preposition there

Knee’d EEEP!

Monday, August 11th, 2008

I went into Mungoze Barber Shop on the way to work this morning.

My hair is now fashionably short, but I have another problem: One of the Mizzez Mungoze had a small child in the shop with her – I’d guess three or four years old. As I was on my way out of the shop, said small child tried to follow me out: I turned to block his exit, slipped off the step and wrenched my knee. I’ve been limping all day :-(

In other news, Fred commented on yesterday’s offering “Good packing!”. It helps that I’m quite good at Tetris, too :-)


Thursday, July 24th, 2008

On my way into work this morning, I passed a fruit stall. I pass it most mornings, but only today is relevant. So I thought “I won’t have any chocolate today…I’ll buy a bag of satsumas instead”. And so I did.

All might have gone well, had it not been for the fact that while I was in Mungo’s Bacon Sandwich Shop, I spotted that they were selling huge slabs of bread pudding – or “wet nellie” as my Gran used to call it. Ah well, at least I had a chocolate-free day.

Except I didn’t – even that failed spectacularly with a bag of Revels (including two orangey ones) at half past three. Oh, and I left half a bag of satsumas on my desk – I wonder what they’ll be like when I get back from New Wine?

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Monday, November 26th, 2007

Someone I know quite well was asked to describe me recently, and included the phrase “happiest in casual clothes”.

I thought of that at lunchtime today, when I was getting ready for my daily walk to Mungo’s Sandwich Shop. Leaving my posh jacket on its hanger, I put on my favourite jumper (the £5 from Matalan one) and set off. I’ve got a horrible feeling that it may be a function of getting old, to like wearing jumpers so much. Not so much as when even your Mum tells you “You’re not getting any younger, y’know”, but that’s another story…but anyway, I’m sure that I always used to think that liking jumpers was a trait of elderly folk who’d turn into country and western singers at the drop of a stetson.

Still, there’s nothing wrong in liking jumpers, is there? And at least while I’m at work I do wear a tie…even if it IS covered with a jumper whenever I think I can get away with it ;-)