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Happy Easter

Monday, April 13th, 2009

…which may seem like it qualifies for the “One Day Late Blog Title” award…but in the church calendar Easter continues until Ascension Day in 39 days time, so it still counts! And anyway, today’s post is about what a nice Easter I had, so it’s an appropriate name.

On Good Friday I went to church, the usual Good Friday service where our church and the Baptist church join up to d a service together – first we have an indoor service at their church (ours isn’t big enough for the joined congregations), then we join with all the other churches in Totton for an outdor service in the shopping centre.

Then the rest of the weekend was spent with Purple Fred’s family, eating too much, relaxing and geocaching (PF’s dad is an enthusiastic cacher too!). And we went to the Easter Sunday service at a lovely little church which we picked almost at random, but turned out to be absolutely right for us.

Those caches? On the way home from church on Friday I did
Sidetracked: Redbridge and
A Different View of Life

Then over the weekend we did
Nev’s Cache: Mr Angry Pants
Beach Gator’s Inland Fishponds Cache
Darker Deeds at St Mary’s and
SwapShop Set – Music CDs

Oh, and to His Lordship of Hutton, who asked for the code for the cache map on Friday…you can find everything you need at It’s Not About The Numbers

Dorset Photos

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

I promised pictures when I got organised…well, I’m not organised but here’s some pictures anyway :-)

Near the cache “Swyre Head”, placed by the excellent Gary and Jane.

Steam train on the Swanage Railway, near the cache “Corfe First School Geo 1″.

One of the ruins that Cromwell knocked abaht a bit…Corfe Castle.

Me with my 1100th cache, “Grange Arch”…another Gary and Jane placing, and well up to their usual standard.

And here’s Grange Arch itself – it was built as a folly, to look like a ruined castle from the owner’s house in the valley beyond.

Close to the location of the virtual cache “Tyneham Village” – owned by my very own blog reader Steve – this is Tyneham church.

Daffodils in Tyneham.

Seen from the cache “Churchill’s Challenge”, this is a view out to sea towards Old Harry Rocks.

And finally for this offering…if you’d like to know more about the “frozen village” of Tyneham, this link will be an excellent starting point.


Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Yes chums, another cracking weekend with m’dear Purple Fred, tootling around on the magnificently beautiful Isle of Purbeck. PF had found a superb B+B – more a series of one-room (plus en suite) apartments set around a common courtyard, with a separate dining hall. We discovered a pub within easy walking distance but sadly – and astonishingly, these days – the food didn’t live up to the views from the garden. Luckily by the evening we’d discovered the Castle Inn in Corfe Castle :-)

The weather was great on both days, but less hazy on Sunday allowing us to enjoy the views for which Purbeck is famous (and no, I don’t mean Studland Nudist Beach!). And as well as exciting views from up high, we enjoyed some peaceful time in the lovely village of Tyneham, frozen in the 1940s. The residents left when the area was taken over for military training in WW II, and contrary to promises made at the time, never allowed to return.

Needless to say there was some caching activity: on Saturday
Swyre Head and
Corfe First School Geo 1:
On Sunday
Grange Arch (my 1100th),
Tyneham Village and
Sandstorm’s Secret number 4: Churchill’s Challenge.

I think we’ll be going back to Purbeck. Pictures if/when I get organised.

About Chocolate. And Insanity.

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

According to this news story, Scottish GP Dr David Walker is proposing a tax on chocolate to help beat obesity.

Is he insane? Apart from annoying every woman in the country at just the time you really don’t want to upset them, it isn’t going to work anyway: in Walker’s own particular bailiwick – the home of the deep-fried Mars bar – chocolate would seem to be the smallest health problem. For the rest of us, putting the price up a bit won’t stop dedicated chocaholics from getting their normal ration.

For evidence, I invite you to think just how successful the constant increases in fuel prices have been in stopping the spread of private car use. The roads are still clogged solid. Alcohol tax doesn’t stop dedicated drinkers, and although with every price increase a few more people give up smoking, the successful quitters are the ones who WANT to quit – not those forced by economic necessity.

Anyone reckon Dr Walker must be single?


Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

I’ve discovered a new London foodie experience.

It’s nothing sepcial, but it’s a good way of getting diet lunches. It’s the salad bar at our local Sainsbury’s, combined with a packet of something from the hot food counter: Chicken and salad for lunch…combined with porridge rather than bacon sarnies for breakfast…I must be losing weight mustn’t I?


Lorem Ipsum

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

Sorry for the rather odd title…but I thought you might like a change from variations on the theme of “Lovely Weekend”. Although it was a lovely weekend needless to say…

But before I go into the detail, thanks to Susan for her explanation of the last post – see it in the comments if you haven’t already. Tesco appear to be ratbags.

So, the weekend…and there was an assault on Purple Fred’s to-do list, resulting in a major feeling of achievement, a few more items for the e-Bay box, a full bin bag, a duvet for the laundry and a room that’s much tidier than it was before.

So then we went caching! It was rather colder than we expected, but we had a great time, seeing three SouthWest Trains 444s on the Southampton – Bournemouth line and finding two decent caches that had some decent swag in them…the way ALL caches were, once upon a time!

The caches were Trains and Tadpoles (where we saw the trains)
Ham Jam 100, where we DIDN’T see any trains, but we did see two trees having a cuddle.

Then today, I went to the gym, and once again the rowing machine made me think I was never going to walk again!

Lots of Fun and Low Mileage

Monday, January 26th, 2009

I had another fun weekend! It does seem that since the lovely Purple Fred and I have been ”an item” my weekends have been even more full of fun things than they were before.

Since I last blogged, I have:

Been to the theatre twice to see various chums in various things.

Had a pub lunch out with fambly of Purple Fred

Played numerous games involving indoor forts, and go-gos (although I’m still not totally sure what they are!)

Been geocaching! We found
Park Post and
Bigface’s New Face

I’ve also been to the gym – darned rowing machine, I thought for a minute I’d never walk again – and booked Grunty in for her pre-MOT work. In the course of which I discovered that since last February she hasn’t covered 2500 miles yet!


Monday, December 1st, 2008

In last week’s blog about The Miserables, I mentioned in passing a huuuge meal at a local curry house: It deserves a bit more of a mention.

I only know the bits of London closest to the office, so when I knew I was going to the Queen’s Theatre with a vegetarian, I asked my work chums for recommendations. One of m’colleagues recommended The Woodlands Restaurant, and after a quick perusal of the menu – you can peruse it too, it’s on the website – we decided to book.

We hadn’t had time for a proper read of the menu before we arrived, and it runs to several pages: None of the descriptions meant much to me, and Diet Buddy isn’t used to having a choice anyway, so we stuck pins in the menu and ordered a Woodlands Thali and a London Royal Thali. The waiter pulled one of those faces that means “Oh blimey, the cheesy English people have ordered enough food to feed a regiment”, but he covered it well. There was quite a lot, but apart from a few bits of rice, and some concoction that was too spicy for either of us, we scoffed the lot :-)

So – if you find yourself in the vicinity of Panton Road, call in at the Piccadilly branch of Woodlands Restaurant: Don’t worry if you’re not vegetarian, the food is great anyway and you won’t miss the meat.

Mind you, a Thali is a bit much for one…

Regime Change

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

I’ve been getting a bit lazy recently.

As you may have inferred from previous blogs, I’ve got into the habit of getting the bus from Waterloo to the office: It’s so convenient, and if it’s raining I’m hardly not-under-cover at all, as I get off the bus right outside the office. The downside, of course, has been the effect on my waistline and overall fitness.

So with the help of my diet buddy, that’s all changing: I’ve started wearing my ankle weights again, and this morning I walked from the station. In fact I walked by a longer route than normal, as I picked up a cache on the way in. AND I walked through a filming location for the new series of Sherlock Holmes on the way – I considered trying to wheedle a bacon roll out of the location caterers, but I thought that might be a bit necky and went to Mungo’s Porridge Shop instead.

I’ll be on the bus tomorrow because I need to be in as early as possible – there’s “something going on”. But after that, look out for the new regime :-)

Is it Holiday Time yet?

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

No, but almost :-)

I had another busy day yesterday: Huge fun, but busy. For the first eight hours or so, I was being an important Raynet person at the New Forest Marathon: We normally reckon this takes fifteen Raynet people out on the course, and a minimum of two – preferably three – in Control. Yesterday, as a result of illness, holidays and other last minute factors, there was me in Control, and six others out on the course. Running Control on your own is hard enough at the best of times, requiring the skills of an octopus in a paper-hanging contest, but on an event the size of this one…anyway, it would’ve been nice if you HAD stopped, Matt, and I’d probably have given you a job!

Once I escaped from there, I headed to my diet buddy’s house to eat hot dogs, watch Garfield II on DVD, and other fun activities :-) . And then I went home to bed.

And this morning, WorstBus Southampton failed to run the number 10, which meant I missed the train to work. Bummer.


Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Mucho hectivity at Gottle HQ – but before I get on to that, let me point you to this fantastic version of John Miles – complete with orchestra and chorus – singing “Music” wot I found on YouTube: here. Those who are into such things should look out for the neat way the oboe is miked round about 5:23, and for the rather nice lady lead violin who appears several times between four and five minutes :-) . Oh, and should any of the ham-fisted monkeys who mix the BBC sound on “Last Night of the Proms” be reading this – listen and learn because that’s the right way to mix an orchestra and audience – i.e. so you can still hear the musicians.

And does anyone else think the conductor looks a bit like SimonG?

Anyway, up early this morning ‘cos I had loads to do, and my luvvly Mum wanted me to take her shopping. It was only once I was up and breakfasted that she told me she’d changed her mind about Sainsbo’s. So today I achieved:

  • Sorting out the caravan – well, a bit anyway. A job that’s been outstanding since New Wine
  • Most of the packing for the Lake District cachepedition – including charging batteries and sorting gadgets
  • Organising the stuff I need for tomorrow’s Raynet – there’s still a bit outstanding at the time of writing, I’ll be off and do that in a minute
  • A bit of clearing in the shed – it wasn’t on today’s list but I had to do it to find some of the things I needed for the other tasks
  • Booking a rental minibus for the HBA conference, and buying some train tickets
  • Making fudge for the cachepedition (and some for my diet buddy)
  • and…

  • Joined a new gym with my diet buddy!

I think that’s enough for today.

Exciting Weekend

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Well I’ve had a pretty fabby weekend: flying to Newcastle (followed by the Metro to Sunderland) included a plane that had a persistent warning light in the cockpit (until an engineer came and took the bulb out), and a rail-replacement bus due to flooded Metro. Then there were rather more bacon butties than were good for me (as my diet buddy was quick to point out), and a stay in a characterful guest house.

Then there was the party :-) . Fab – ’nuff said!

Today’s major event was the flight home being delayed by 2½ hours because the plane was still in Outer Mongolia at the time we should’ve been taking off – which led to us having lunch in a diner in the departure lounge. Which led to someone at a table near me having an allergic reaction because of a meal that wasn’t labelled as containing walnut – much ensuing drama, but all’s well that ends well, and the lady was OK.

Then we eventually flew home, paid an exorbitant amount for a taxi from the airport, and now I’m about to head for beddybyes.

Lovely Weekend

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

So the latest round of excitement has included going walking with my diet buddy and all-round good chum Purple Fred, and finding the cache
Bratley Wood

For anyone able to do a bit of New Forest caching, this one has to be recommended: it’s a minimum walk of three miles from the nearest parking, through some excellent New Forest scenery, featuring ponies, deer and bunny rabbits. It’s also a quality cache in a decent hiding place, AND the car park has a resident ice cream van (but watch his diet Coke: it’s cheap, by New Forest ice cream van standards, but it’s warm) :-)

In other news, I’m trying to make sure my planning for the upcoming Lake District Cachepedition1 doesn’t get left till the last minute, getting ready to head to the Far North for a party, and doing the pre-reading for a course in a couple of weeks!

1 Already provisionally named the “But look how steep that bit is!” cachepedition

Coming Clean and Getting Muddy

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

Having mentioned low-fat food in yesterday’s blog about sushi, I ought to admit what started m’colleague Leigh and I talking about low fat food. I’m acting as a diet buddy for a chum of mine (in fact, we’re on to competitive dieting – which ought to be easy as I’ve got about a stone more to lose). So there we are – I weighed myself last weekend and I weighed myself today – no change, but I do know it’s sometimes a slow start when you start trying to lose. We’ll see.

In other news, I got very muddy when I went caching today. I did
Sloden Pottery
with a couple of chums: The last hundred yards or so were a bit gloopy, but the main reason for the getting-muddy was the propensity of the younger chum to jump in puddles all the time :-) Still, it was a nice afternoon out and we walked three miles…that’s got to account for a few calories surely?